After creating Spirit of South America, a personalized tour company in Salta, Argentina in 2008 and receiving many fantastic reviews in the Tripadvisor Forum for Salta as the best tour guide company, we naturally began to expand. Travelers wanted to go further – down to Mendoza, out to San Pedro de Atacama and across to Bolivia. We began to get requests from people who trusted us to build and book their entire itinerary from landing to departure because we knew Buenos Aires and all of Argentina so well. We now plan and provide guides for tours across Argentina from Buenos Aires to Tigre, to Iguazu, to a traditional North West Nomad tour of Salta. An estancia stay in Cordoba? no problem. Drive through the Talampaya and Ischigualasto national Parks to Mendoza? We love it.

Spirit of South America has now expanded up through Bolivia, to tours on Lake Titicaca and into Peru for guided tours to Machu Picchu and the Inca sites of Cusco, making us the experts in personalized Andean travel. Tracy Skylar who built the original tour company still drives tours for photography enthusiasts, leading groups of people keen to optimize their landscape digital skills, as well as leading the famous wine tours to Colome.

With thanks to our clients

who helped define us, we built Spirit of South America, specializing in personal tours through Peru, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. We especially serve the semi-independent traveler who books their own travel and may stop off somewhere solo but wants a personally guided tour in each new location. From Day Trips to Three weeks, we can create your perfect tour.

At Spirit of South America, we are here on the ground in South America, constantly moving around to discover the best tour options and create the finest journeys for our clients. We know the best restaurants and hotels and the latest local information about any area. I have personally been through each and every tour, hotel and experience to ensure the highest standard. People have said it’s like traveling with a friend and many became real friends, we have even traveled with Honeymooners.

We work closely with you to create the best tour in South America based on your available time and personal preferences and have an in-country Anglo Concierge in each capital city to be on close call for every necessity from bookings to contact with family back home, we’ve got you covered. Our local drivers work for us and are trained by Tracy to provide the personalized, not standard, tour our travelers are seeking. They know you want to stop for great photo memories in good light and eat and drink well in the local tradition – we have sourced these specialties everywhere.

Drop us a line and let us know your initial ideas for your perfect tour and we’ll get right back to you.