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At SPIRIT we have years of experience traveling South America and now offer Trip PLAN – the trip and itinerary planning service to all travelers to South America whether taking a guided tour with us or renting a car for the adventure of self-drive.

How much time have you wasted, trawling through review sites and forums, and STILL come away confused with all the different opinions?

We live in the Andes and Cities of South America year round, constantly moving to check on the latest happenings and advise our travelers. We are superbly placed to offer guidance on trip planning or building the perfect itinerary – Whether you’re traveling in South America for a few days or a month, we can plan the optimum use of time so you don’t miss a thing.

Perhaps you’ve made plans, booked some travel legs but now feel overwhelmed on hoe to pull the gaps together – We can advise and optimize so you don’t waste precious time on your journey of a lifetime. You will only make it once so let us help you make it right and also save money.

When you sign up to Trip PLAN, we email a questionnaire so as to thoroughly understand your desires and goals for the journey – Each traveler is different and we build the bespoke itinerary based on your preferences, not a fixed format.

The Trip PLAN Service is ideal for you if

You have a short period of time in each place and want to know what is unmissable and what to skip

You are traveling around this huge area for a long period and want to know how to manage your time

You want guidance on the best hotels and restaurants, the best sights and how to reach them

You’ve found the sights to see on the web but need to know if and how to put them together in one trip

Wonder whether you can get there on transport, where it’s safe to rent a car and where a driver might be better, as well as advice on the most cost effective options for traveling around

You want the comfort of a driver you can trust to meet you at the airport

Need insider tips for your itinerary based on season – such as what will be impassable for rainy season/snow

Need to know the REAL driving times which are not the same as looking at a map on the net – we give you tips on best routes

How to get across borders or large distances, what mode of transport to take and how to buy tickets

The Advantages of Trip PLAN are many

You will receive a plan that maximizes time spent traveling and not missing out on the absolute “Musts”

You will receive insider information such as changing dollars at the better rate

You will have exclusive access to our ticket purchase service, whether it’s for buses from Argentina to Chile or carnival tickets, we will make your purchases.

You will have full email support before and during your trip

Our agents are available for assistance in each destination and for our premium planners, our concierge service is available to take care of your extra needs

Receive the BY GO Local Guides for your destination FREE


You select and purchase your Trip PLAN – bespoke or premium

We send an email with the detailed questionnaire

You receive an optimized itinerary for review. Make any adjustments or ask your questions – There are ALWAYS lots so don’t worry

We work together via email to drill down to the best itinerary for your perfect trip

You feel secure in the knowledge that your trip will be as special as you dreamed it would be AND receive a 10% discount coupon for special tours, events and restaurants in your chosen destination(s) – Subject to availability.

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